Silhouette Fabric Ink Canvas Subway Art Tutorial

I love subway art and have wanted to create my own subway art for our children’s bedroom with their birth information. Thanks to Silhouette’s Fabric Ink Starter Kit, creating my first fabric project with my Silhouette CAMEO™ was easy and effortless, and I love how our new subway art canvases look.

Silhouette Fabric Ink Canvas Subway Art Tutorial

Silhouette’s Fabric Ink Starter Kit comes with everything you need even for a beginner like me. The kit includes stencil vinyl, transfer tape, 1 bottle of black fabric ink, sea sponge, foam brush, mixing tray, hook tool, instructional DVD, a download card with 10 free shapes and an idea/instructional booklet.

Silhouette Fabric Ink Canvas Subway Art Tutorial


  • Silhouette CAMEO™
  • Silhouette Studio®
  • Silhouette Fabric Ink Starter Kit
  • Linen Fabric
  • Stretched Canvas Frame
  • Staple Gun
  • Scissors


  1. To being, you’ll want to create your design in your Silhouette Studio® software. For my project, I used the Century Gothic font for the names and the Courier New font for the birth information and adjusted the text size, character spacing and line spacing until I found a layout that I liked.
  2. To cut your design, load your stencil vinyl into the Silhouette (you don’t need to use your cutting mat), select the regular vinyl setting in the cut setting screen of the Silhouette Studio® software then begin the cut. Don’t forget to separate the stencil vinyl from the transfer tape before loading your vinyl into you Silhouette and be sure to leave room around the design to protect your project when applying inkUse your hook tool to carefully weed away the characters leaving the negative space to act as the stencil.
  3. Apply the clear transfer tape to the design and burnish it. Peel the transfer tape with your design attached to it off of the vinyl liner. Don’t forget to transfer all the inner negative space pieces of the open letters and numbers.
  4. Apply the stencil and transfer tape to your fabric and burnish the design onto the fabric. Carefully remove the clear transfer tape leaving the vinyl stencil on the fabric. Keep an eye out for the inner negative space pieces of the open letters and numbers so your don’t lose any.
  5. Linen is quite thin so you may want to place something below your project to protect your work surface from ink that may leak through. I also cut my sea sponge into eighths so it would be easier to work with.
  6. Squeeze a small amount of ink onto the ink tray and dab the sea sponge in the ink to apply the ink to the fabric. Pat off excess ink to better control the distress feel of your project.
  7. After the ink dries, about 20 minutes, remove the stencil vinyl. Iron the design to set the ink into the fabric.
  8. Center and gently stretch your linen around the stretched canvas frame and staple it to the back of the wooden frame.

Your project is finished! It’s time to hang your project and admire your work!

Silhouette Fabric Ink Canvas Subway Art Tutorial

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  1. crystal says

    hi stacy….thank you for the tuturioal. i have a cameo machine and im pretty sure im gonna love it but im having a hard time understanding all the ins and outs! do you have any suggestions on where to go for helpful information? thank you!

  2. maria says

    Love this, but couldnt you also just use a stencil right onto a canvas (bought for cheap with coupon at joanns or michaels?) that would save you one step…


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