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Food Allergies and HalloweenLiving with food allergies is challenging, especially during the holiday season where many celebrations are focused around food.

To kick off the holiday season, this month’s Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival includes helpful tips on how to stay safe and enjoy Halloween (which is next week), including food allergy friendly recipes to make your own safe Halloween treats at home.

You’ll also find information about instruments that contain nuts (a hazard for those with nut allergies), one mom’s story on why they participate in their local FAAN walk, recipes (including four ingredients to enhance almost any baked recipe), a humorous post on people’s reaction of eating allergen free, where to find carriers for inhalers, and a wake up call to the food allergy community if we want to effectively change those outside the food allergy world.

Welcome to the October 25, 2012 edition of living with food allergies carnival.

The Food Allergy Assistant presents Low Allergy Milk and Food Allergy Testing posted at Food Allergy Assistant, discussing the new genetically modified low allergy milk and new diagnostic test for determining food allergies.

Elyse presents The face makes me giggle posted at Following Him, saying, “When I tell them of my allergies {soy (all forms), tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, wheat, gluten, and modified starches}, their face is a cross between total shock and a “how would I do that” look.”

Karen Blue presents Chemurgy and Allergens: Instruments That Have Nuts in Them posted at Chemurgy and Allergens, saying, “Flutes and banjos treated with nut oils, maracas with nut shells, violin varnish that contains nut oils. All instruments and supplies that contain nut shells, and oils.”

Homa presents The Importance of Food Allergy Awareness (or: Why We Walk) posted at Oh Mah Deehness! , saying, “I wrote this shortly before our local FAAN walk. I’d like people to know how serious food allergies are, that they don’t just involve ingestion but can involve any contact with an allergen, even in non-food products.”

Gina Lee presents Wake Up Call to the Food Allergy Community posted at Food Allergy Education Network, saying, “We, as parents of food allergic children, need to be a consistent example to our children and to others before we can hope to effect change in people outside the food allergy world.”

Colette Martin presents Four Ingredients You Can Add to Almost Any Baked Goods posted at Learning to Eat Allergy Free – Multiple Food Allergies., saying, “Most bakers bake with wheat, dairy milk, eggs, and butter. I bake with gluten-free grains, non-dairy milk, shortening and oils, and use a variety of ingredients instead of eggs. But whether you are baking “with” or “without,” there are a few ingredients that can enhance nearly any baking project.”

Cindy (Vegetarian Mamma) presents Homemade Baked Doughnut Holes – #glutenfree #vegan | Vegetarian Mamma posted at Vegetarian Mamma, saying, “This is one of our family favorite recipes that is allergy friendly! My kids love these baked doughnut holes that are peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, gluten-free, egg free and soy free! They are a fun treat at any time of the day! We are living without, but we are NOT missing out!”

Its a Hard Nut Life presents Halloween #1 – Trick or Treating posted at Its a Hard Nut Life, saying, “Just the first in a current three-part series of Halloween posts aimed at teens with nut allergies – Part 2 – – Part 3 –…nutty-costumes/”

Ruth LovettSmith presents Peanut Free and Egg Free Candy Corn Recipe posted at Best Allergy Sites , saying, “Try this candy corn recipe for a sweet Halloween treat.”

Jennifer B presents Asthma Inhaler Carriers and Cases for Kids posted at Food Allergy Buzz, saying, “Thought this info might come in handy!”

Food Allergy Mom Doc presents Halloween with Food Allergies: Feet, Eats and Non-Edible Treats | posted at FoodAllergyMomDoc. , saying, “This year I’ve decided to have two baskets, one with candy and the other with non-edible treats. After all, you never know what type of goblins and superheroes will come to your door. ”

Sara Gooley presents Doing the Best I Can posted at Seven Year Itch, saying, “As Maddy turns seven, our family celebrates by beginning a new chapter that may be life changing, will raise awareness for those suffering from food allergy, and will educate people about OIT.”

And this month I presented two articles, Halloween Chocolate Candy and Lollipops Recipe and Trick or Treating with Food Allergies, to help you have a fun and enjoyable Halloween with food allergies.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of living with food allergies carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Thank you to Jennifer at Food Allergy Buzz for allowing me to host and thank you to the bloggers for their great posts!

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