Personalized Baby’s 1st Halloween Onesie

Nothing is more special than celebrating baby’s first holidays with family and friends, and what better way to mark the occasion than with a cute personalized baby onesie created using Silhouette’s Flocked Heat Transfer Material.

Personalized Baby's First Halloween Onesie

Silhouette’s heat transfer material makes it easy to create your own personalized designs in no time. With your Silhouette cutter, you can cut intricate designs with Silhouette’s smooth, flocked or printable heat transfer material, then iron them onto clothes and other fabrics for a professional custom look. Silhouette heat transfer material is manufactured with transfer tape already adhered, so you don’t need anything but a roll/sheet of your favorite style and your Silhouette machine to start creating.

Personalize Halloween Baby Onesie

Our baby pumpkin is celebrating her first Halloween this year so I created this adorable onesie for her to wear on the big night. Pair this onesie with leggings, tights or even a tutu for an easy and inexpensive Halloween outfit. Everyone will go ga-ga over your baby’s personalized outfit.

Silhouette Flocked Heat Transfer - OrangeSupplies:

Silhouette CAMEO™
Silhouette Studio®
Silhouette Heat Transfer Material- Flocked Orange
4 Print & Cut Pumpkins
Silhouette Hook Tool


Arranging the pumpkins.

To begin, open your Studio Silhouette software and load the 4 Print and Cut Pumpkins shapes from the Silhouette Online Store.

Ungroup the group of shapes, then ungroup the individual layers of each shape.

Silhouette Heat Transfer 2

Delete the unwanted layers.

Align and space the pumpkins as you like, overlapping them slightly. Since we are only using one color of heat transfer material, we will create a small space between the pumpkins to separate them.

To create the space, select the two outer pumpkins and go to object -> offset and set the offset at .05. While keeping the outer pumpkins selected, shift-select the center pumpkin to add it to the selection.

With all layers selected, go to object -> modify -> subtract to cut out the overlapping areas.

Silhouette Heat Transfer 5

Delete the overlapping areas.

Go to edit -> select all -> group to keep your pumpkins aligned.

Your pumpkins should now look as follows.

Silhouette Heat Transfer 6

Adding text on path.

Start with a basic circle and size it around your pumpkins.

Next, click on your text tool and type the text you want to use.

Grab the arrow to the left of the text and drag it onto the circle. Move it around to position your text where you want it.

You will notice the circle turn grey, this lets you know the path will not be cut.

Silhouette Heat Transfer 7

With your text selected, go to edit -> convert to path.

Select all and scale the image to fit your fabric.

You will need to mirror your image (appear backwards on screen) so your transfer will be correct on your finished project. To mirror your image, go to object -> transform -> mirror options.

Silhouette Heat Transfer 8

Mirror your image horizontally so it looks as follows.

Set your cut settings to the type of heat transfer material you are using (unflocked or flocked) and adjust your blade settings if needed.

Silhouette Heat Transfer 9

Cutting your transfer and applying.

(NOTE: I pre-washed my fabric to avoid any shrinkage after my design was applied.)

Cutting your transfer is easy if you follow the 6 steps on the back of the heat transfer material box.

The easy-to-follow instructions will help you create an image, properly feed your heat transfer material into your Silhouette without a cutting mat, remove the negative space, position your design on your project, properly iron your design to set it, and finally how to gently remove the transfer sheet.

You can also view detailed, photo instructions at

Silhouette’s heat transfer material product line makes it easy to create your own personalized designs for any occasion.  Just pick your design from the Silhoutte Online Store or create your own with Silhouette Designs Studio.

What will you create with your Silhouette machine and the heat transfer material product line?

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