Mod Podge ® DIY Nativity Art

Every year we add a new nativity to our Christmas decor collection and this year I wanted something unique, something big that stands out (but isn’t bulky), and most of all something handmade.

Mod Podge DIY Nativity Art

To make this DIY Nativity Art I gathered supplies I had on hand around the house and my new favorite decoupage, Mod Podge. This is the first year I have crafted with Mod Podge and I love how easy it is to work with and how forgiving it can be, perfect for a beginner like me.

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Mod Podge ® DIY Nativity Art

For this project I used Mod Podge ® Satin to seal, protect, and add texture to my DIY nativity art. I don’t have to worry about my vinyl getting scratched or coming off, assuring my new art will last in storage between holiday seasons and be just as beautiful next year.


Optional: Distracting Little Children (see below)


Prepare your wood.

  1. If desired, distress the edges of your 12″ Thick White Shelving with a Circular Sander or Sand Paper.
    Mod Podge Nativity Art
  2. Clean shelving of all dust with a damp cloth.

Design your image.

  1. Select the shapes you would like to use from the Silhouette Online Store, or create your own, and load into your Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition.
  2. Design your image using your shapes on a new page sized to the dimensions of your shelving.
  3. Save your image.
  4. Insert Silhouette Premium Vinyl (Dark Red) into your Silhouette CAMEO® with the backing side down.
  5. Using the ‘Silhouette vinyl’ setting in the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software, cut vinyl design with your Silhouette CAMEO®.
    Mod Podge Nativity Art

Apply your image.

Enter the optional Distracting Little Children.

For the next part, my photographs don’t match the directions 100%. My three boys started running amok and I completely forgot to remove the negative space from my vinyl before applying the transfer tape. The reason I still included the photographs was to show how to properly use the tools for this project.

Even though I didn’t remove the negative space first like you would normally, by step #5 I was back where I needed to be and the project still worked the same even with my little bump in the road (or three bumps in my case).

  1. Remove the negative space of your image. Use a Hook Tool to carefully remove small pieces.
  2. Remove the liner from transfer tape and gently lay tape over your stencil starting in the center and moving out towards the ends.
    Mod Podge Nativity Art
  3. Burnish the tape onto the vinyl using overlapping strokes.
    (You can see I did not remove the negative space first. Oops!)
    (I used two pieces of transfer tape and had them meet at the middle of my vinyl image making it easy to line up the center of my image with the center of the shelving before applying.)
  4. Peel the transfer tape with your design attached to it off of the vinyl liner.
    (As you can see, this is the point where I removed my negative space. Thank goodness that worked!)
    Mod Podge Nativity Art
  5. Lightly place the image on your 12″ Thick White Shelving and center using a Measuring Tape or Ruler.
  6. Apply your image and transfer tape to your prepared 12″ Thick White Shelving and burnish the design on to the surface.
  7. Gently peel back transfer tape and 45-degree angle. If vinyl starts to come off with transfer tape, lay area back down and burnish again.
    Mod Podge Nativity Art

Seal and finish your art.

  1. Using the Mod Podge ® Roller Tops with Bottle, apply a coat of Mod Podge ® Satin as directed on to your art to seal and finish.
    Mod Podge Nativity Art
  2. Let dry as directed.
  3. Repeat steps #1 & #2 twice more to create three coats of Mod Podge ® Satin.
    Mod Podge Nativity Art
  4. Repeat steps #1 through #3 for the sides and back if desired.

What I love most about how my project turned out, is the texture the Mod Podge ® Satin and Mod Podge ® Roller Tops with Bottle created on my smooth surfaces. The texture creates the illusion that my vinyl images are part of the wood shelving and pulls my entire project together.

Mod Podge Nativity Art

Stacy Molter
Stacy is a mom blogger in Southern California (Ventura County) and the Greater Sacramento area who shares her experiences homeschooling her four children, raising multiples, supporting her two children living with multiple food allergies, and helping a child with special needs thrive.
Stacy Molter
Stacy Molter
Stacy Molter