Silhouette Miniature Ornaments

Adorn your holiday decor with handmade miniature ornaments you can easily make with your Silhouette CAMEO® and Silhouette Premium Vinyl.

Silhouette Miniature Ornaments

Silhouette Miniature Ornaments

These elegant and versatile handmade ornaments can be used in so many ways and will have all your guests talking at your next celebration. Check out how we’ll be using our ornaments this year:

  • Adorn a table-scape with these festive ornaments during the holidays. Use as a place card holder for guest’s names, or as a table sign to display the name of a dish at a buffet.
  • Add these ornaments to a small or mini Christmas tree for a simply DIY handmade ornament.
  • Line ornaments along a mantle to display Christmas cards. Unlike card stands, these ornaments can be grouped in several areas, left to stand on their own, and moved as needed throughout the season to fit any Christmas arrangement.
  • Create a garland to hang on a mantle.


Silhouette CAMEO®
Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition
Silhouette Premium Vinyl (Dark Red)
Silhouette Premium Vinyl (Gold)
Silhouette Hook Tool
Card Holder Ornaments (1.5 ” and Clear Glass)
Snow Flakes (Iridescent)
Rubbing Alcohol


3 Snowflake Set by Lori Whitlock
3 Ornaments by Lori Whitlock
3 Patterned Trees by Snapdragon Snippets
3 Present Outlines by Snapdragon Snippets
3 Patterned Stars by Snapdragon Snippets


  1. Select the shapes you would like to use from the Silhouette Online Store and download into your Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition. (Due to the round shape of the ornaments, open designs work best and are more forgiving of the curved surface of the ornaments.)
  2. Open Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition and load your shapes.
  3. Reduce the size of your shapes to approximately .75″ each.
    Silhouette Card Holder Miniature Ornament
  4. Insert vinyl into your Silhouette CAMEO® with the backing side down.
  5. Using the ‘Silhouette vinyl’ setting in the Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition software, cut vinyl design with your Silhouette CAMEO®. (Because I reduced the images to less than 1″ creating an intricate design, I changed my cut speed to 1 as shown in the image above.)
  6. Wipe Card Holder Ornaments with Rubbing Alcohol to clean.
  7. Use the Silhouette Hook Tool to carefully remove each image and place on the center of an ornament. Burnish images with the back of the hook tool. (I found it easier to apply the vinyl evenly when I left the ornaments in their container. The container holds the ornaments in the perfect position.)
  8. Repeat step #7 until all ornaments are decorated.
    Silhouette Card Holder Miniature Ornament
  9. Carefully remove the top of each ornament and fill with a small amount of snow flakes. (I filled mine approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the way full.)
    Silhouette Card Holder Miniature Ornament
  10. Carefully replace the top of the ornament.
    Silhouette Card Holder Miniature Ornament: Adorn your holiday decor with handmade ornaments you can make with your Silhouette CAMEO®, Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition and Silhouette Premium Vinyl.
  11. Add tags, labels or cards to decorate your home or celebration.
    Silhouette Card Holder Miniature Ornament

    Silhouette Miniature Ornaments

Don’t forget, you can also string your ornaments together for an easy DIY garland or hang them on a Christmas tree.

Printables courtesy of Ink Tree Press.

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